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I have a puckish side that will not be denied

18 September
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  • brightcupenny@livejournal.com
I costume and love to do masquerades best of all! My website is here. Some of our skits from previous years:

Captain America and his Dancing Girls - Dragon*Con 2012 - Best Patriotic
Project Runway: All Star Wars - Comic-Con 2012 - Best in Show
Bad Romance (Gaga Glee) - Dragon*Con 2010
Viva Las Villains - San Diego Comic-Con 2010 - Best in Show
Mystery Men - WonderCon 2010 - Judges' Choice
Bring It On: Rock The Mouse (Disney Cheerleaders) - San Diego Comic Con 2009 - Best Presentation
Hairspray - San Diego Comic-Con 2008 - Judges' Choice
Space Girls (Spice Girls/Star Trek mashup) - Costume-Con 2008 - Best in Show Presentation, SF&F Masquerade
Rebel Dreams - San Diego Comic-Con 2007 - Lucasfilm Company Award
Pirates of the Carribean in Two Minutes - San Diego Comic-Con 2006 - Best Presentation

SG-1 mood theme by delectableoomph, here.

Men of SGA mood theme by orchidicons, here.

Mommy!Claire and Daddy!Charlie are perfect family love

Halo Red vs. Blue is love.
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